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Program A – Society

Interim Program Leader: Prof. Jurg Keller, University of Queensland

This program will focus on understanding and delivering the social transformations needed to support water sensitive cities, including community attitude and behavioural change, governance & economic assessment practices, management systems and technological innovation.


Program B – Water Sensitive Urbanism

Program Leaders: Prof. Nigel Tapper, Monash University and Dr Darryl Low Choy, Griffith University

This program will focus on the influence of urban configurations on resource flows across a range of scales. It will apply green infrastructure and climate responsive design principles to water security, flood protection and the ecological health of terrestrial and aquatic landscapes from whole-of-catchment to street level.


Program C – Future Technologies

Program Leader: Prof. Zhiguo Yuan, The University of Queensland

This program will develop integrated and multi-functional urban water systems that manage and/or use multiple water sources at a range of scales. It will deliver innovative technologies for: integrative management of the urban water systems; fit-for-purpose production of water; the recovery of energy, nutrients and other valuable materials embedded in urban water; minimising the carbon footprint and ecological impacts of water systems; and maximising the potential multiple beneficial values of urban water services.


Program D – Adoption Pathways

Program Leader: Fiona Chandler, International WaterCentre

This program will deliver a suite of capacity building projects and socio-technical modeling tools that will provide a focus for participants and stakeholders at a national regional and community level to interact, experiment, and learn from each other. This in turn will: improve community engagement; enrich educational and training programs at the professional and sub-professional levels; and support the development of robust science-policy partnerships.