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Program B – Water Sensitive Urbanism

This program will focus on the influence of urban configurations on resource flows across a range of scales. It will apply green infrastructure and climate responsive design principles to water security, flood protection and the ecological health of terrestrial and aquatic landscapes from whole-of-catchment to street level.

Integrative socio-technical urban planning and design processes will be established, leading to development of the practical tools required to improve resilience of Australian urban environments.

There are five projects grouped under this program:-

B1 Catchment-scale Landscape Planning for Water Sensitive Cities in an age of Climate Change

B2 Planning, Design and Management to Protect and Restore Receiving Waters

B3 Water Sensitive Urban Design and Urban Micro-climate

B4 Building Socio-technical Flood Resilience in Cities and Towns

B5 Statutory Planning for Water Sensitive Urban Design



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