Host a PhD

An in-house resource to translate CRCWSC research for your organisation.

The CRCWSC exists to help change the way we design, build and manage our cities and towns by valuing the contribution water makes to economic development and growth, our quality of life, and the ecosystems of which cities are a part. One of the ways that it does this is by developing group of world class graduates who have excelled in their field of study, are industry-ready and will be ambassadors for water sensitive cities.

What is the Placement Program?

The Placement Program connects completing CRCWSC PhD students with  partner organisations to facilitate the adoption of CRCWSC research and build a cohort of industry ready PhD graduates.

Costs for the Placement Program 

The Placement Program provides an extension to the PhD student's existing funding. The CRCWSC and the host organisation share these costs.

Advantages for the Host

A CRCWSC researcher will work within your organisation as a knowledge broker for your staff.

What you get

  • A dedicated, in house resource
  • Curated CRCWSC knowledge
  • A PhD student that aligns with your organisations needs

Who is eligible?

Any CRCWSC partner organisation


  • Host a PhD student for up to 5 months
  • Allocate a mentor
  • Provide $2000 per month co-funding

Advantages for the PhD candidate

CRCWSC participant organisations will provide industry networks and experience that enhance job prospects and/or research opportunities.

What you get

  • A scholarship extension with $3000 per month funding
  • Up to 5 months industry experience
  • A participant organisation matched to your career goals

Who is eligible?

CRCWSC-associated PhD students who are ideally in their third year of study, and have not yet submitted their thesis


  • Attend work at the host organisation's workplace for the duration of the program (unless otherwise agreed)

Advantages for the CRCWSC

The Placement Program produces industry-ready PhD graduates and facilitates research adoption.

How to apply

  • Complete a PhD Student Expression of Interest form
  • Host organisations will propose a project to the CRCWSC
  • The project will be developed in conjuction with the host organisation, appropriate PhD student and the CRCWSC
  • Placements will be open throughout the year


  • Program support for PhD students
  • $1000 per month co-funding
Last updated: 6th Dec 2017