Our talented PhD researchers were a valuable presence at the 3rd Water Sensitive Cities Conference. Attendees learnt about individual PhD projects through candidates’ engaging posters, on display throughout the conference. Well done to all candidates for their efforts. And congratulations to Tanveer Adyel from the University of Western Australia, who won the audience’s Popular Vote for his poster on how retrofitted streams can increase nutrient removal from stormwater!

It was also wonderful to see outstanding 3 Minute Thesis pitches from five of our students at the conference dinner, with one winner to be determined by the rating of a highly sophisticated "Applause Meter".

All presenters were quite rightly scored “Fantastic” for engaging their audience with entertaining snapshots of their work. Amar Nanda shared insights into his work on engaging institutions and community to bridge the science–policy interface. Tracey Schultz sparked discussion with fascinating results on considering the emotions elicited by images used in water messages. (One take home insight: for those outside of the water industry, images of healthy rivers are calming – which can actually trigger inaction in your audience.)

With his background in adapting sewers infrastructure for changing conditions, Adam Shypanski shared how future success depends on working with our legacy infrastructure. Jen Middleton told us about the spatial distribution of nutrients. And Elisabet Andreas Garcia regaled us with her work on an improved water recycling system for households – bringing the issue home through the joy of a nice long shower. Well done, Elisabet, who was also the evening’s winner!