FY1617 was a good year, both for getting things done and preparing a new agenda. Our 2016/17 stakeholder report lays out these highlights, focusing on:

  • our continuing research
  • the adoption of our research
  • commercialised solutions for water sensitive cities
  • our engagement with our Participants and end users
  • our operations and governance
  • our financial strength
  • our partners.

Also in the report you’ll find messages from our CEO, Tony Wong, and our Chairman, Cheryl Batagol. Tony and Cheryl summarise the year’s key achievements as:

  • helping develop water sensitive city transition strategies in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria
  • facilitating a national network of water sensitive city capacity building organisations
  • preparing synthesis reports that incorporate CRCWSC research into key development and city planning activities
  • winning the CRC Association award for Excellence in Innovation (for our work to help the City of Kunshan become China’s leading example of urban water innovation)
  • hosting the 3rd Conference on Water Sensitive Cities, where we showcased some of the tools and experience coming out of our first tranche of research projects
  • being part of the Monash University-led Revitalisation of Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) project, which is adapting and applying water sensitive principles and practices in developing countries
  • creating commercial momentum (including pathways to market) for our Participants and partners
  • assuring our financial strength over the next four years. We exceeded our forecast operating surplus and more than doubled our income from commercial activities (to $1.3M).
  • kicking off our Integrated Research Project (IRP) program. The Board approved IRP proposals for developing transition plans for Australian cities, and for developing a framework for capturing market and non-market economic values of water sensitive cities transformation.
  • supporting research adoption via, for example, our Tools and Products (TAP) program
  • fostering the next generation of collaborative researchers and science communicators through the CRCWSC’s PhD and education programs.

Tony believes our work and proofs-of-concept greatly influenced state and local government policies (including the Victorian Government’s Water for Victoria). In the report, he commits the CRCWSC to keep influencing policy and practice, and to making more valuable contributions to Participants.

From this same perspective, the report reveals the Board and Essential Participant Reference Group endorse the CRCWSC’s thoughts around transitioning into a world class commercialised social enterprise. That is, once the CRCWSC’s government funding ends, can we be an ambitious research-to-practice enterprise that helps to deliver water sensitive cities globally?

For now, Cheryl explains we’re investigating opportunities and partnerships to continue our vital work beyond FY2021. Our longer term budgets and planning provide for different scenarios, and we aim to keep making well informed decisions that deliver maximum value to Participants.

Our 2016/17 stakeholder report is for everyone. We hope it shows our pride in what we have achieved working with our partners in FY1617, and our excitement about the future. 

Last updated: 5th Mar 2018