Melbourne_RW2The CRCWSC is in the midst of expanding our focus from the initial phase of knowledge generation in Tranche 1 to knowledge development, adoption and utilisation of outputs in Tranche 2. This journey entails reviewing our progress to date, and looking ahead to what is yet to be achieved and implemented to ensure realisation of the CRCWSC vision, which will extend considerably beyond the lifetime of the CRCWSC.

During Day 1 of the Researchers Workshop 2016, we will acknowledge our achievements from the research activities, revisiting our indicators of success and project outputs that were identified at the previous Researchers Workshop 2015 in Perth. Day 1 will close with a celebratory dinner for all attendees.

On Day 2 we will discuss how to gain maximal value and adoption of the outcomes of Tranche 1 and how this will be delivered during the Tranche 2 phase, which is structured around three Programs:

  1. Integrated Research Projects (IRP)
  2. Tools and Products (TAP), and
  3. Regional Projects (REG)

With the increasing focus on close collaboration with our industry partners, we have invited representatives from Stakeholder Advisory Sub-Committees (SASCs), Research Advisory Sub-Committees (RASCs), and Regional Advisory Panels (RAPs) to this workshop, as they play an integral role in establishing effective uptake and implementation strategies for CRCWSC outputs.

The CRCWSC PhD students will be funded to attend the PhD Retreat which will be held the day prior to the Researchers Workshop on Monday 5 September, it is expected that all PhD students attend. The retreat will comprise training in working with end-users to enhance research outputs.

I would also like to draw your attention to the day following the Researchers Workshop on 8th September which we have set aside as a project scoping workshop for the proposed Integrated Research Project 2, Comprehensive Economic Evaluation Framework (IRP2). Invitations to the IRP2 workshop will be sent separately.

The Researchers Workshop 2016 program is available here.

The Program-based agendas for day 1 are located below:

You will be contacted by one of the CRCWSC operations team to organise travel arrangements. If you have any queries please contact