FY1617 was another very successful year for the CRCWSC. Starting our second tranche of work (T2), we ramped up adoption activities. We also established mechanisms for turning T2 plans into action, gearing up for a possible third tranche (T3) after 2021.

The CRCWSC’s 2017 stakeholder report looks back on the year’s many highlights. We are particularly proud of helping develop water sensitive city transition strategies in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria, and facilitating a national network of water sensitive city capacity building organisations.

In the report, Tony Wong (CEO) and Cheryl Batagol (Chairman) talk about our work with industry and researchers to ensure knowledge generated translates into genuine benefits for Participants and their communities.

The report reflects our thinking about the future too. We share our planning for how we might continue to make an impact.
In FY1617 we began to lay the foundation for an ambitious research-to- practice enterprise to deliver water sensitive cities globally. In Cheryl’s message, you’ll learn the Board is exploring two scenarios—winding down or launching as a world leading social enterprise—for the CRC beyond June 2021 (when our funding ends).

Also in the report is our vision for the Regional Advisory Panels (RAPs) to be a self-sustaining community of practice.
Made up of Participants and other industry stakeholders who support a water sensitive future, the state based RAPs were realigned in FY1617 to T2 priorities. They received additional funding and appointed Regional Managers who can catalyse networks and knowledge sharing in their state.

We hope you enjoy catching up on our past year and what may lie ahead.