Could Perth be Australia’s first fully water sensitive city?

That was the aspiration shared by Ms Cheryl Batagol, CRCWSC Chair, in bringing the 3rd Water Sensitive Conference to a formal close. It was an appropriate vision given the energy and progress shared for the Western Australian context – and a call to action for other places around the country.

Ms Batagol shared her compelling observation that incredibly clever, innovative researchers are not enough to achieve sustainable, liveable cities – it is only in tandem with industry, government, and communities, and by merging technical and social domains, that we will address outstanding problems. “I hope we have given you information and inspiration, to go back to your places and lead water sensitive change,” said Ms Batagol, reflecting that those instigating change do not always call themselves “leaders”.

With the CRCWSC having passed 5 years of operation, it is three levers – research, tools and products, and influence – that guide not only past achievement, but future focus.

Indeed, the CRCWSC is thrilled to announce the publication of its new Strategic Plan, which charts the course for our next 4 years and beyond. We look forward to sharing more about thinking for the future in coming WaterSENSE editions!