The CRCWSC is thrilled to announce a new program that will link our talented PhD candidates, their skills and knowledge, with industry partners keen to tap into the resource of this cohort of bright emerging professionals.

The CRCWSC is entering an exciting phase in which our PhD researchers – part of the next generation of Water Sensitive Cities leaders – are approaching completion of their studies with the CRCWSC, or have already graduated. It’s a time that presents opportunities: for our talented students, for our industry partners, and for the uptake and growth of CRCWSC knowledge.

In response, we are excited to present a new, collaborative opportunity for our CRCWSC PhD students and our industry participant organisations. The program involves short-term placement of our near-completion PhD students with a CRCWSC partner for the development and delivery of a relevant Water Sensitive Cities project.

Our CRCWSC core principles are based on innovative research with industry relevance, and transfer of knowledge and innovation into practice. And as an organisation, we are committed to supporting the growth of our students as researchers and facilitating their transition from student to professional. The industry placement program offers completing students a valuable work experience period to facilitate the adoption of CRCWSC research, and to build a network of industry-ready ambassadors for Water Sensitive Cities.

As Host organisations, industry partners will benefit from:

  • A CRCWSC researcher working within your organisation as a knowledge broker
  • That researcher is a dedicated, full-time, in-house resource
  • Direct access to unique CRCWSC knowledge and expertise
  • Leading edge expertise matched to your organisation's need

Individual projects are first proposed by the Host end-user organisation, and will then be developed in conjunction with the PhD student and the CRCWSC. We anticipate that the duration of the placements will be for up to five months, supported by a co-funded scholarship extension of $3000 per month, of which the Host organisation contributes $2,000 per month, and the CRCWSC contributes $1,000 per month.

Expressions of interest are being taken for a limited time from our industry partners – so get in touch now about this exciting opportunity.

For more information and to express your organisation’s interest in the program, go to: