As 2016 draws to a close, the CRCWSC is forging ahead in developing the research foci for its next phase (Tranche 2). A series of five integrated research projects (IRPs) are planned to address those needs of CRC stakeholders which require further research and development. Thanks to the projects proposed by the CRCWSC’s Regional Advisory Panels, all five will have a strong focus on industry application. The first of these projects (IRP1), Water sensitive city transition strategies and implementation plans, was recently approved by the CRCWSC Board. It will deliver water sensitive city strategies for Greater Perth, South-East Queensland, Metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Adelaide, and Greater Sydney. The first implementation workshop for Greater Perth was held in late November, and planning for the first stage process in Adelaide is now underway. IRP2, Development of the integrated economic assessment and business case development for Water Sensitive Cities, has also been approved and is scheduled to commence in January 2017. It will identify economic, environmental, and community values of water-related investments, in order to support decision-making across public and private sectors. The broad aims and outputs of all five projects are outlined on the Integrated Research page of the CRCWSC’s website.