Hi, I am Juri Jung

I have a Master of Science (Chemical Engineering) and a graduate certificate in public health. Before starting my PhD studies in 2014, I worked as a scientist in the environmental forensic team at the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage.


About my PhD work

PhD topic: The reuse of greywater using a passive filtration system, mainly focusing on pathogen removal and water quality analysis of reclaimed water

University: Monash University

CRCWSC project in which I was involved: Fit-for-purpose water production (Project C1.3)

A key finding of my research is that we can reuse greywater and stormwater safely via a passive filtration system (such as a rain garden) for non-potable water use such as garden irrigation and toilet flushing. To enhance microbial removal in the passive filtration system, we can incorporate antimicrobial media in the biofilter.

I'd love to see my research encourage the introduction of passive filtration systems such as rain gardens to increase water reuse in everyday life, such as in households or public buildings (for example, schools and council buildings). More generally, I hope other countries can translate and learn from Australia’s great vision for sustainable water management, and how the relevant sectors work together to deliver this goal.


About my current work

For my PhD work, I am looking at pathogen removal by a biofiltration system in the laboratory, by field scale biofilters and by household prototype biofilters, using synthetic/real greywater and stormwater. Once I finish my PhD, I would like to research integrated water management (including the recyclability of water), to promote sustainability amid limited water resources. In particular, I would like to work with local government or water authorities to spread sustainable water management in our society.


How you can contact me

Email  juri.jung@monash.edu or juri36@gmail.com

Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/juri-jung-13b69115a/


Juri lives in Melbourne, Victoria, but she loves travelling. Her favourite destinations are Florence in Italy and Siem Reap in Cambodia.  

Juri Jung