According to the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) 2018-19 stakeholder annual report, we have exceeded expectations of how much we contribute to water sensitive city (WSC) outcomes in Australia and globally.

We know our investment of more than $44   million over eight years in research and adoption activities has delivered value to our Participants, and continues to do so. When we started in 2012, the benefits of our Tranche 1 research were valued at $165 million over 15 years—a benefit cost ratio of 1.7. In 2019, the benefits of our research and adoption activities were independently valued at over $600 million—a benefit cost ratio of 6.

Two factors are driving this increase in expected impact. First, we have delivered the outputs we said we would, so our future delivery of outputs is more probable. And second, our outputs are having a greater impact than originally expected, with more water practitioners (than forecast in 2012) applying our research and tools.

EY acknowledged both this impact and our ongoing ability to contribute:

The CRCWSC is delivering significant impact and can lead the next big step towards sustainable, resilient, productive, liveable cities by building on this success while applying expertise across integrated city systems. (EY 2019, Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive CitiesImpact to date, future potential, p. 2)

Our FY1819 impact in brief

  • Released water sensitive city vision and transition strategies for Townsville, Greater Sydney and Bendigo
  • Brought research insights and practical innovation to some of Australia’s largest urban redevelopments
  • Applied CRCWSC expertise to real world challenges through 19 research synthesis projects nationwide
  • Hosted 125 activities for 5,000+ stakeholders, including the 4th Water Sensitive Cities Conference
  • Was recognised as a thought leader at national and international conferences and via awards
  • Worked with partners to develop and test tools for water sensitive planning, evaluation and delivery
  • Increased our international impact in China, India, Indonesia and Fiji

Our 2019 report explains how we planned for securing our legacy via the Water Sensitive Cities Institute, continued to deliver high quality research, worked on fostering the next generation of WSC champions, and ramped up adoption activities.

Also in the report, you’ll find a showcase of our research outputs, a rundown of our collaborations across states and globally, and a brief look at our governance and financials.

Last updated: 6th Feb 2020