The city of Perth has been named host of the third annual Water Sensitive Cities Conference. To be held from 18–20 July, 2017, the world-class conference will bring together CRCWSC researchers, partner organisations, and the water industry at large to engage with the latest innovations and developments regarding water sensitive cities.

Professor Jurg Keller, CRCWSC Chief Research Officer, is excited by the prospect of hosting the conference. “The focus of the conference is Making the Transition. Presentations and discussions will centre on highlights from our first tranche of research, case studies of this research being implemented, and lessons that can be transferred to other cities. More information about the program will follow, but please place a date-claimer in your calendars so we can celebrate, together with our stakeholders, the exciting outcomes from the CRCWSC Tranche 1 projects.” Preceding the three-day conference is an additional day of networking, capacity building and stakeholder engagement activities, to be held on Monday 17 July.