Congratulations are in order for a number of our PhD Candidates who have recently completed their degrees. Project B3.2, Charlie Lam and Asieh Motazedian (Project B3.2: The design of the public realm to enhance urban microclimates) have now completed their PhDs. Charlie’s work explored “Landscape variability in Melbourne's Botanic Gardens and Human Thermal Comfort”, while Asieh’s thesis is titled “The microclimatic interaction of a small urban park with its surrounding urban environment: case study of projected impacts of urban densification focusing on heat events in Melbourne”.

They join three other researchers from Project B3.2 to finish recently: Sultana Nury (Estimation of actual evapotranspiration using remote sensing data to assess the role of vegetation and water on urban climate: A study of Melbourne city), Ashley Broadbent (The effect of water sensitive urban design and outdoor water-use practices on urban microclimate), and Kerry Nice (Urban micro climate modelling; effects of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) on urban climates).

Congratulations to Charlie, Asieh, Sultana, Ashley, Kerry and their supervisors on this huge achievement. We look forward to your next steps!