Tools and Products (TAPs)

The aim of the Tools and Products  sub-program is to enable industry adoption and utilisation of key intellectual property (IP) outputs from the CRCWSC research program to support mainstreaming of water sensitive technologies and practices. Building on the research outputs and tools developed in the CRCWSC Tranche 1 (2012-2016), the TAP subprogram maintains, refines and harmonises the portfolio, and integrates research and outputs emerging from current activities.


The Water Sensitive Cities Transitions Platform provides guidance on how to develop a common WSC objectives and transition strategies and evaluate targeted interventions.

The WSC Scenario Platform  assists in creating and evaluating various concept designs and technology/policy solutions to address and promote water sensitive objectives and outcomes.

The Water Sensitive Design Platform will provide planners, designers and engineers with more advanced integrated tools for the detailed Design of multifunctional and resilient water infrastructure solutions.

Training and Outreach builds capacity within the industry for the application of the TAP’s by providing training and guidance for the TAPs’ application to a range of uses and implementation cases. To facilitate the utilisation of the TAPs, the subprogram will work in close collaboration with industry partners to apply and refine the TAP’s to demonstrate their value and develop confidence.

Mr.  Andrew Allan -  Manningham City Council
Mr.  Martin  Allen -  Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Mr.  Rhys  Coleman -  Melbourne Water Corporation
Mr.  Nicholas  Deeks -  GHD
Dr.  Cintia  Dotto -  Water Technology
Mr.  Garry  Henderson -  Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR)
Assoc. Prof.  Matthew  Hipsey -  The University of Western Australia
Dr.  Steven  Kenway -  The University of Queensland
Dr.  Sara  Lloyd  -  e2DesignLab
Mr.  Giles  Pickard -  City of Subiaco
Dr.  Keshab  Sharma -  The University of Queensland
Ms.  Cath  Thrupp -  Brisbane City Council
Mr.  Gavin  Winter -  Queensland University of Technology
Mr.  Sadeq   Zaman -  Inner West Council

Last updated: 13th Sep 2017