The Water Sensitive Cities Institute is an exciting new development to help foster the uptake of water sensitive principles after the CRCWSC’s current term expires in 2021. To explain its purpose and role, the Institute and the commercial consulting services it offers are now featured on our web site.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the CRCWSC, the Water Sensitive Cities Institute works with our commercial Participants and SME associates to deliver strategic and bespoke consulting services under our flagship research synthesis strategy—a platform for effective and timely research-to-practice translation that unites multiple research disciplines and multiple professional practice sectors in co-creating knowledge and solutions that respond to place and context. Watch our short video about research synthesis.

Through its commercial consulting services, the Institute will give its clients:

  • context-specific, fit-for-purpose solutions to their urban water management challenges
  • the opportunity to build their in-house knowledge and capacity as an enduring legacy of each project
  • new pathways to markets.

The Institute’s commercial consulting services are founded on scientific rigour and evidence, and include:

  • vision and strategy statements
  • policies and guidelines
  • facilitation and design charrettes
  • system design and scenario modelling
  • technical design of water sensitive urban design solutions.

For each project, the Institute partners with one or more of our commercial Participants and SME associates. This partnership means we have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources to deliver high quality consulting services that meet our clients’ needs.

Head to our web site to find out more about what the Institute can offer.

Last updated: 25th Jul 2019