South Australia  local needs and challenges

The transition to a more water sensitive Adelaide faces a number of challenges. These challenges were identified and characterised by industry stakeholders in a workshop held in 2015.

These stakeholders recognised that Adelaide already benefits from an investment in science and research, including local and national programs, and strong networks across practitioners. These elements provide a foundation upon which a transition can be built.

There are a number of other areas where improvements are steadily being made, and where CRCWSC can provide assistance through its research. These include developing policy and strategy commitment for water sensitive cities, and a community connection to water issues and practices.

Other challenges are more complex and will require a longer term commitment to resolve. These include a need for a more coordinated vision and narrative for water, sustainable revenue, funding and investment in water sensitive technologies, implementation and maintenance, monitoring and evaluation, new approaches to cost benefit analysis, and enhanced engagement by local citizens.

Water Sensitive SA has identified a number of priority projects that align with these challenges. These include building the business case for water sensitive urban design, improving lifecycle costing analysis, incorporating water sensitive urban design policy into planning regulations and guidelines and adapting water sensitive urban design planning tools to the South Australian context.

Last updated: 6th Dec 2017