Creating a water sensitive Queensland

A subtropical region with a powerful  water story, Queensland experiences long term cycles of extreme weather patterns ranging from floods to droughts. Significant urban population growth and a trend of rapid political cycles means the State confronts a range of unique needs and challenges, which must be tackled in Queensland's transition to a water sensitive region.

Among these challenges are  Queensland’s strong reliance on climate-dependent water, complex institutional and regulatory frameworks, and a strong reliance on conventional infrastructure solutions. Outside the southeast corner of the State, local authorities have full responsibility for water. In South East Queensland (SEQ) bulk water is managed by Seqwater and supplied to customers via a number of local government-owned corporations or water retailers.

The need for a strong and resilient water sector that can deliver a more integrated whole-of-water approach has been recognised and supported in recent years through the State Government’s 30-year strategy for Queensland’s water sector, and multiple regional water strategies, as well as multiple catchment- and city-scale total water strategies and plans.

A water sensitive approach provides a sustainable response to these significant challenges and seeks to revolutionise and empower industries and communities with the knowledge and tools to implement resilient solutions appropriate to their local needs.


To find out more or get involved, contact the Queensland Regional Manager,  Chris Tanner.

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Last updated: 4th Jul 2018