Western Australia  Regional Advisory Panel  (WA–RAP)

The Western Australia Regional Advisory Panel (WA–RAP) is an integral part of the CRCWSC legal structure, composed of CRCWSC participants and other key industry stakeholders who support a water sensitive future for Western Australia’s cities and towns. Established in June 2013, with a mandate to develop and coordinate a range of CRCWSC activities within the State. Dr Mike Mouritz  is the current chair of the WA–RAP.

The background, purpose and role of the Regional Advisory Panel for Western Australia is outlined in the Terms of Reference document.

Previous meeting minutes, papers and presentations are available below for your convenience.

To find out more or get involved, contact the Western Australia Regional Manager, Emma Yuen, based at The University of Western Australia.

RAP updates and information:

Last updated: 18th May 2020