We can help create healthy, liveable and marketable communities

It takes water sensitive thinking to create a thriving, highly liveable Australian community.

Our research, benefit–cost tables, case studies, and tools and products can help you incorporate water sensitive urban design into a new development. They are informed by the lessons learned from on-ground application in both Australia and overseas.

In particular, our resources can help with improving planning and design, identifying new solutions to urban issues and creating a point of difference in the development market.

Our participatory process can also help with one of the most difficult aspects of a new development project: getting consensus among the many stakeholders (state governments, local government, community, utilities, etc.).

You can speak to one of our experts about how we may help with developing a new water sensitive community. We are looking for opportunities to contribute to new development projects, to generate more case studies of water sensitive urban design that excels.

Tony Wong speaks at South African conference

Our CEO, Professor Tony Wong, was a keynote speaker at the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) conference on 24–27 June in Cape Town. Tony presented his keynote address ‘Integrated water management, water sensitive cities and liveability’ on the conference opening day. He looked at urban water challenges in Australia during the period of the Millennium Drought, and the floods that broke that drought, and how many Australian cities have prepared to strengthen the resilience of Australian cities to future climatic challenges. He reflected on some of the lessons from that period and developed some key messages that could guide…

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The impact of urbanisation and stormwater management practices on water balances and nutrient pathways in areas of high groundwater: a review of recent literature

The need to understand the impact of urbanisation and changing land use on water and solute mass balances in the groundwater underlying urban areas has been increasingly recognised over the past 25 years. Groundwater resources are now included, for example,…

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Last updated: 29th Aug 2018