Demonstration projects

CRCWSC demonstration projects help generate relevant information to 'ground-proof' novel concepts, and build a body of evidence that can support and encourage the adoption of research outcomes. These demonstration projects capture and communicate the lessons learned from the early adoption of research knowledge in real-life projects.

Structure plan

Wanju Vegetation Master Plan: Testing the CRCWSC Design Platform to inform structure plan vegetation requirements to manage urban heat

Western Australia

Project aim

The Wanju Vegetation Master Plan Microclimate project aims to demonstrate the Design Platform can:

  • be used to justify (i) the importance of water and vegetation in urban areas to manage thermal heat comfort, and (ii) the need to preserve land to deliver this outcome successfully
  • test different typologies and inform development of vegetation requirements, which will then be delivered through the planning and development process to provide optimal outcomes
  • be used efficiently by stakeholders at a range of scales and locations to generate relevant data to inform planning decisions.
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Adelaide airport demonstration project: Learning through demonstration and integration

South Australia

Project aim

The Adelaide Airport demonstration project aims to demonstrate that:

  • Irrigated green space is much cooler than unirrigated green space (and paved areas) and can have a cooling effect beyond the area of irrigation.
  • The cooling benefits of irrigated green space extends beyond human health and thermal comfort to also improve the operations of important urban infrastructure, such as airports.
  • Irrigated green space at airports can reduce surface and air temperatures at a local scale which can benefit airport users and operations in a number of ways including improving aeroplane fuel efficiency.
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Last updated: 4th Jul 2018