Water Sensitive Cities Index


The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) is developing a Water Sensitive Cities (WSC) Index. A result of the research project ‘Developing a water sensitive cities assessment tool’ (Project D6.2), the Index is a tool that offers users the ability to benchmark cities (at the metropolitan or municipal scale), based on performance against a range of urban water indicators that characterise a water sensitive city. This will allow organisations to set targets, model the impact of potential management responses, track progress over time, and collaborate more effectively with other industry organisations to manage water in ways that enable vibrant, liveable, productive, resilient, and sustainable urban communities.

The WSC Index is accessed through a web platform with powerful functionality to visualise benchmarking results for a range of audiences, including policy makers, service providers, and community; it will offer greater insights into processes and outcomes for better urban water management.

The Index has been designed in collaboration with industry partners to create a useful product that is functional, reliable, and scientifically robust. It relies on cross-organisational knowledge sharing and collaboration that will strengthen industry relationships with progress toward a shared vision.

Scale of application


Model development

Testing and Application

Last updated: 14th Jun 2016