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About the CRCWSC

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities brings together the inter-disciplinary research expertise and thought-leadership to undertake research that will revolutionise water management in Australia and overseas. In collaboration with over 80 research, industry and government partners, we deliver the socio-technical urban water management solutions, education and training programs, and industry engagement required to make towns and cities water sensitive. With a research budget in excess of AUD $100 million, our research is guiding capital investments of more than AUD $100 billion by the Australian water sector and more than AUD $550 billion of private sector investment in urban development.

Through an extensive consultation process, our participants and stakeholders have identified a number of key challenges to urban water reform required to transform cities into liveable, resilient, sustainable and productive cities. To effectively address the complex interdependencies of the many socio-technical factors influencing water management in cities of the future, we employ an interdisciplinary delivery approach. This approach places practitioners, policy makers and regulators in interdisciplinary teams with researchers whose expertise is in areas such as water engineering; urban planning; commercial and property law; urban ecology; urban climatology and global climate science; social and institutional science; organisational behaviour; change management; the water economy; risk assessment; social marketing; and community health. These teams are located at research hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Singapore.