Integrated research

Integrated Research Projects (IRP) are research projects that will be supported with CRCWSC core funding, and that will address a broad need across the CRCWSC. They will address priority industry needs that require ongoing research and development efforts through the integration of proposed research activities, and will have a strong industry application focus in projects identified by the Regional Advisory Panels.


Water sensitive city visions and transition strategies  (IRP1)

The purpose of this project is to develop water sensitive city transition strategies for Greater Perth, Bendigo, Townsville, Sydney and Adelaide. These strategies will detail a benchmark of the city's current water sensitive performance, a shared future vision, current perceived transition challenges, and strategies for overcoming the challenges and achieving the vision.

The primary outputs from this project will be the water sensitive city transition strategies, along with an associated implementation plan for selected regions to outline a shared pathway towards water sensitive city outcomes.

Comprehensive economic evaluation framework (IRP2)

The aim of this project is to create an agreed evaluation framework to identify economic, environmental, and community values of water-related investments.

The primary output comprises an accepted and aligned evaluation framework that is applied to business case development and decision-making at multiple levels in public and private sector organisations.

Guiding integrated urban and water planning (IRP3)

The aim of this project is to examine how different types of urban development can be deliberately guided, at a range of planning scales, to achieve water sensitive outcomes.

The primary output will include an implementation framework  that supports and demonstrates the application and value of integrated urban and water planning in different contexts.

Water sensitive outcomes for infill developments (IRP4)

The aim of this project is to develop solutions that deliver overall beneficial water sensitive city outcomes for in-fill developments at different scales.

The primary outputs will comprise innovative solutions and integrated strategies across policy, regulatory, financial, technology, and community approaches to achieve positive water sensitive city outcomes for in-fill developments.

Guiding urban water management in areas that experience high seasonal groundwater (IRP5)

This project aims to better how to manage urban develop in high groundwater impacted environments (that is, where the water table is within 4 m of the natural ground surface).

The project will produce guidance for a process and methodology for urban water management in developments impacted by high groundwater.

Last updated: 16th Mar 2020