About our partners

CRCWSC partners share the passion and commitment for creating water sensitive cities. One of the many strengths of the CRCWSC is the large number of organisations that have invested not only in the development of solutions but to the application and utilisation of the solutions to effect positive change in the real world.

The CRCWSC has a diverse number of research and industry-based funding partners or participants.

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Our organisational sectors

Essential Participants

Our Essential Participants are making a significant or ‘essential’ contribution to achieving the mission of the CRCWSC in the form of cash and in kind contributions. They include three of Australia’s leading universities along with key State government organisations and water corporations.

Current Essential Participants include:

Other Participants

Our Other Participants make up the majority of participating organisations in the CRCWSC. They comprise both research and non-research or industry organisations and generally represent one of five sectors:

  • state government department or agency;
  • local government;
  • water utility or corporation;
  • research organisation or university; and
  • private industry.

Current Other Participants include:

Small to Medium Associate Partners

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Associate Partners play an essential role in the CRCWSC by providing important pathways to the vast number of organisations or end users that will benefit from applying and adapting CRCWSC knowledge.

SME Associates are not participants in the CRCWSC or members of the company and hence do not directly invest directly in the research. Instead, they join via a subscription to access the knowledge and to develop capacity to help apply, test and disseminate the research to others while receiving a unique market advantage.

Current SME Associates include:

Last updated: 28th May 2020