More of the 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference will be online.
And attendance is FREE. 

(Venue capacity limits apply for in-person sessions)

  • Integrating urban land use planning with water system planning to create opportunities for water sensitive solutions through urban development processes
  • Debating centralised and decentralised approaches and how they are best integrated
  • Lessons from the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities program
  • Building the authorising environment for water sensitive cities


These are just some of the topics on the program for our fifth and final CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) conference as we deep dive into the theme—Water Sensitive Practice. Every city. Every day.

The conference will be held 15–18 March 2021 and will both celebrate how far our cities have come and explore the next steps.

Our theme highlights the potential of water sensitive cities. In the future, no matter which city we visit, we’ll see these practices being used daily, in projects big and small. Of course, we’re not there yet. After 9 years of research and collaboration, we have filled many of the big knowledge gaps that previously stood in our way. We have converted this new knowledge into tools and guidelines, and we are now deploying them in real projects. Our collective role is to steer these next steps.

At the 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference, we will:

  • Learn from case studies, particularly transferable insights about what worked well and what we’d do differently
  • Build networks within and between states, so that these lessons can flow
  • Showcase the most recent tools emerging from the CRCWSC, and explore how industry has begun to use and evolve them
  • Explore how others have scaled up sustainability practice, and what this means for water sensitive cities.

Our 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference both celebrates how far our cities have come and explores the next steps. Collectively, our role is to steer these next steps.


In these extraordinary times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking a different tack for our 2021 conference. We’ll have:

Access to online sessions will be via a dedicated website, granted after registration.


We're developing a program for each hub, but they all include the following topics:

  • Case studies of best practice in governance, policy and projects
  • International and Australian perspectives on water sensitive cities
  • Building the business case for water sensitive cities
  • How do the CRCWSC’s tools fit together? Insights from the Integrated Case Studies
  • Key findings of the CRCWSC’s Integrated Research projects
  • User training in CRCWSC tools and products
  • Virtual site visits.

Download our draft program below. We will release detailed individual programs for each hub closer to the conference, once we have confirmed all speakers and sessions. We will let you know when the individual programs are available.

Book your tickets by clicking on your state below:

Tickets to most sessions are free.

The Conference dinner (16 March 2021)  is the only session that you need to pay for ($99 including GST).

CRCWSC partners will receive free tickets to the conference dinners:

  • Each of our Essential Participants and Other Participants receives four free tickets.
  • Each of our SME Associate Participants receives two free tickets.

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We thank in advance our CRCWSC partners who will help bring the conference to you. Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to the date.

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Last updated: 20th Jan 2021