A2.3_National_survey_WaterLiteracy_webUnderstanding the sometimes complex language involved in water sustainability can be a difficult task for the general public, as shown by a recent national survey of water literacy by CRCWSC researchers.

Dr Kelly Fielding, who oversees Engaging communities with water sensitive cities (Project A2.3), and her team have released a report and industry note detailing their study on water attitudes.

The research involved a survey of more than 5100 people to determine different Australian communities’ current levels of water literacy as well as their current engagement in ‘water sensitive behaviours’ such as fixing leaking taps, using water tanks and building raingardens.

While a majority of Australians showed good knowledge of some water issues, the survey revealed some surprising aspects that were less well understood. Only 27 percent of the sample group was aware that domestic wastewater receives treatment before entering waterways and 46 percent understood the definition of a catchment. A more concerning result was that only 41 percent understood that the amount of water available for use is finite.

With this information, the research team can now work on methods of increasing national water literacy and encouraging the public to adopt and support water sensitive behaviours.

Click here to download the report

Click here to download the industry note

Last updated: 20th Jan 2015