Just like we’re making it easier for local governments to make business cases for WSC investments with a step-by-step handbook, we’re helping users of our Benefit Cost Analysis Tool to develop benefit cost analyses by releasing a booklet of applied examples.

The INFFEWS Benefit Cost Analysis Tool: Booklet of applied examples is now available.

Prepared by E2Designlab for the CRCWSC, the booklet is yet another output of our Integrated Research Program 2 (IRP2) team. (You’ll find another story in this waterSENSE edition about the team’s willingness to pay study for recycled water from the Subiaco Wastewater Treatment Plant.)

Source: City of Marion. Photo: Michael Mullan.

The BCA Tool Booklet of applied examples demonstrates how users, from experienced economists through to managers who need to better understand BCA, can apply the tool. It offers real-life case study applications from practitioners who have already put the tool to use.

The booklet has two parts:

  1. It gives an overview of why and how a benefit cost analysis can support the delivery of water sensitive investments.
  2. It explores three case studies showing how the tool has been applied and how the users found the experience. The case studies are for Taralla Creek naturalisation and wetland creation; Oaklands Wetland and stormwater harvesting; and passively irrigated trees for new suburbs in Ballarat.

Each case study steps through:

  • project insight
  • project description
  • drivers
  • outcomes
  • cost summary
  • benefits summary
  • lessons and transferability of the case study example.

We believe BCA Tool users will find the applied examples useful for guiding their own experiences with the tool.

The BCA Tool is part of a broader package of economic tools and resources, known as INFFEWS (Investment Framework For Economics of Water Sensitive Cities), developed by our IRP2 team. The INFFEWS package also includes the Non-market Value Tool—a key complementary tool to the BCA Tool—and a range of supporting guidance and resources.

For more information about the BCA Tool, contact our IRP2 team at inffews@crcwsc.com.au

Last updated: 24th Mar 2020