Stormwater Management in a Water Sensitive City

To harness the potential of stormwater to overcome water shortages, reduce urban temperatures, and improve waterway health and the landscape of Australian cities.

blueprint2013 builds on the previous versions released in January 2011 and March 2012, and on subsequent and ongoing discussions and workshops with industry partners of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities throughout 2012.

This document now also includes insights and recommendations emanating from research cross multiple disciplines undertaken by the Cities as Water Supply Catchments research team in 2012. The blueprint outlines approaches to urban stormwater management that can be adopted today to support the transition of our urban areas to Water Sensitive Cities and Towns.

Wong T.H.F., Allen R., Brown R.R., Deletić A., Gangadharan L., Gernjak W., Jakob C., Johnstone P., Reeder  M., Tapper N., Vietz, G. and Walsh C.J. (2013) blueprint2013 – Stormwater Management in a  Water Sensitive City. Melbourne, Australia: Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, ISBN 978-1-921912-02-3, July 2013

Last updated: 22nd Jun 2016