The Brabham action learning partnership is an initiative of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and its WA partners. It is one of a number of case studies being undertaken as part of a national project addressing integrated urban and water planning to guide water sensitive urban development outcomes (IRP3). The Brabham case study seeks to explore the opportunity presented by the Brabham site to influence and navigate the planning approvals process to deliver sustainable and liveable communities. It will focus on optimising collaboration with key stakeholders to facilitate innovative integrated water solutions in the northeast growth corridor.

This workshop was the third of several planned to facilitate a collaborative approach to resolving challenges around approvals processes, financing and ongoing management of new assets. Its purpose was to:

  • discuss progress towards actions agreed at workshop 2 related to the use of rejected recharge as a source of water for irrigation purposes at Brabham;
  • consider mechanisms to support collaborative delivery of trials and demonstrations; and
  • highlight the required reforms for enabling the use or ‘mainstreaming’ of alternative water sources for irrigation of future development proposals.

IRP3 Brabham Workshop 3
Date: Friday 26 July 2019
Time: 9:30am to 1:00pm
Location: Old Midland Courthouse, Midland, WA

If you would like any further information please contact Sylvia Tawfik at or (03) 9905 9766.

Last updated: 7th Jul 2019