Changing Your World Conference & Fair

Where aspiration, innovation and inspiration come together for a sustainable future!

Friday 6 March - Saturday 7 March 2020

The  Changing Your World Conference & Fair  is a showcase of innovation in the broader sustainability space over two days, connecting community, innovators, industry, research and government, building ideas and celebrating successes.

The  Conference  provides a unique  opportunity  for key stakeholders (government practitioners, sustainability researchers, innovators and community) to network, learn about new and emerging sustainability innovation and technology and co-design solutions to shared sustainability challenges in a fun, collaborative environment. Hosted by the incredible Josh Byrne from Gardening Australia and with a raft of amazing sustainability superheroes to be announced soon, the conference will have something for everyone, no matter where your interests lie!

The  Fair  will showcase future-proofing innovation, smart cities savvy and best practice, highlighting evolving technology and new approaches to broad themes of community and corporate sustainability, corresponding with our City-wide sustainability targets.

The conference and fair themes reflect 10 integrated sustainability principles which reflect the  City's Sustainability Policy commitments:

  1. Carbon Reduction and Energy Transformation
  2. Circular Economy 
  3. Sustainable Transport
  4. Community Capital and Social Impact
  5. Water Sensitivity and Literacy
  6. Biodiversity, the Natural Environment and Land Use
  7. Innovation and Leadership
  8. Local Economy and Sustainable Business
  9. A Healthy and Safe City
  10. Sustainable Development, Planning and Infrastructure
Last updated: 19th Dec 2019