During FY1718 we made significant progress in delivering the impact we envision. Well into our second tranche of work (T2), we focused on applying the knowledge that Tranche 1 (T1) generated—and, excitingly, we began firming our plans for T3 and ways to continue to add value once our current term expires in 2021.

Our FY1718 stakeholder report celebrates the year’s many highlights in helping to bring water sensitive city visions to life, in Australia and overseas, as we continued to concentrate our research on the needs and priorities of Participants and industry.

The report also expands on our thinking for the future.

Across the report, the message is clear: from a strong focus in FY1718 on fostering the uptake of WSC principles,  the CRCWSC will continue to focus on research adoption opportunities for all our Participants and to create new markets for our commercial partners.

We hope you enjoy reading about our year and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Last updated: 23rd Jan 2019