Case studies are some of the CRCWSC's most frequently used resources. Buoyed by the popularity and usefulness of this content, we've begun expanding what we can offer.

Now, we are excited to launch a new virtual reality (VR) case study platform developed in partnership with Austrade and with input from the City of Melbourne.

The project developed a new VR platform, and used Melbourne’s Royal Park Stormwater Harvesting Scheme as its first case study. The VR platform offers an alternative to going on a traditional site tour, which is particularly difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Platforms and case studies such as this support the CRCWSC's goal of mainstreaming the water sensitive cities approach.

The VR experience provides deeper insights into works on-ground than is possible using a two-dimensional written case study. For example, the Royal Park case study gives practitioners detailed information and images about the components of the stormwater harvesting scheme, and how they operate.

As with all VR experiences, it offers fantastic 360-degree views plus closeups and overhead shots of the various components of the facility. Users can click on any component of the facility to receive a detailed description of it (e.g. the size and structure of the wetlands, the types of plants used, how the wetlands treat the water), and they can also go ‘inside’ the outlet structure, pump house and storage tank.

It's as close as a person can come to experiencing the facility without stepping foot onsite.

It also presents information on the context, objectives, and technical process of the scheme, with information on implementation, maintenance, benefits and economics to be included in future upgrades.

'Visitors' to the virtual site can also use the platform as a social channel for communication and collaboration.

While enormously valuable to the water and related sectors anywhere in the world, the VR platform will also be used as an education tool for schools.

We are grateful to the City of Melbourne for project contents and to Inspire Design for technical implementation.

Watch this short video showcasing our exciting new VR experience:

For access to the platform case study, please contact our Chief Innovation Officer, Jianbin Wang (

Last updated: 13th Oct 2020