The Australian Water Association (AWA) appointed its new board in October. Among its eight directors is the CRCWSC’s Chief Research Officer, Dr Jurg Keller and former CRCWSC Regional Executive Director and now Operations and Business Manager of the Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC) at the University of Queensland (a CRCWSC Essential Participant), Dr Sandra Hall.

Jurg had his directorship renewed, while Sandra is newly appointed as director. These AWA appointments recognise the strong leadership roles both Jurg and Sandra play in the Australian water industry.

Dr Jurg Keller
Dr Sandra Hall

In addition to his role on our Executive team, Jurg works with Sandra at the AWMC, where he is Deputy Director and she is Centre Manager. He has more than 20 years of experience in water industry research, particularly in biological wastewater treatment, environmental biotechnology, microbial fuel cells and water recycling. Sandra manages business development, engagement, and advancement at the AWMC. She is President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Water Association and an International Water Association Fellow.

We congratulate Jurg and Sandra on these important, well deserved appointments.

Last updated: 4th Nov 2018