What Winter School Urban Design Challenge—Water And Energy Systems Integration

When 24–28 June 2019

Where The University of Queensland, St Lucia

Registration closes 14 June. Total places limited to 65.

The challenge

Regional population is growing, but how do we ensure new developments are more liveable, efficient, sustainable, resilient and resource efficient? How do we integrate water and energy systems into existing infrastructure while taking advantage of the benefits distributed systems offer?

Your multidisciplinary team will work together on a case study to solve this problem.

The process

Just prior to the Design Challenge, you’ll receive preliminary readings relevant to the subjects, and a handbook with background information on the roles, team assignments, rules and expectations.

Survey questions will help identify participant views and knowledge in water and energy applications so appropriate team placements can be made and effectiveness of the challenge determined.

Days 1–3 of the five-day event are lectures, interactive activities and site visits. Days 4 and 5 involve intense group work with support of academics and professionals.

The benefits

There are plenty of great reasons to enter:

  • Build applied knowledge
  • Use critical thinking around a key issue influencing city design and management
  • Employ your understanding of the field (energy, water, architecture, planning) to solve real-life problems related to urban growth, water and energy supply, security and efficiency
  • Enjoy presentations from leading international scientists and industry managers working in the domain of water and energy efficient cities
  • Receive 40 hours of Continuing and Professional Development, including knowledge and use of CRCWSC analysis tools
  • Check feasibility of your ideas with team members from other fields (all teams will be multidisciplinary)
  • Experience on-line real-time scoring
  • Enjoy dinner, lunches and morning and afternoon teas.

Read this flyer for more information about the program, eligibility, prizes, sponsors and learning outcomes.

A follow-on Design Challenge is planned for 2020. For more information contact A/Prof Steven Kenway at s.kenway@uq.edu.au.

Remember to register by 14 June:

Last updated: 21st May 2019