Briony Rogers

The Our Future Cities 2018 program offers four seminars from practitioners currently leading the way in shaping sustainable, liveable, socially just and resilient future cities.

The seminar series—organised by Paul Satur (a past CRCWSC PhD student) and Simon Roberts (from E2Designlab)—started last week with two seminars:

Seminar oneEnsuring thriving, healthy and enjoyable environments in our city—explained how water sensitive cities can enrich liveability, sustainability, resilience and productivity for everyone. Briony Rogers (from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities) gave an overview of water sensitive city principles, concepts and example innovations. And she reflected on the practice changes necessary across technical, design and social domains when transitioning to a water sensitive city.

Seminar twoCities that connect, inspire and empower for action—celebrated diversity through enabling connections and fostering inclusion in city design.

Two more seminars are coming up:

Seminar threeFostering resilience and intergenerational equity in cities—asks if you are keeping up with urban planning and design that addresses climate change. Register here for this seminar on Tuesday 20 March.

Seminar fourPrinciples of innovative and interdisciplinary city designs—shows why innovation and interdisciplinary practices are crucial for transforming our future cities. Register here for this seminar on Tuesday 27 March.

Last updated: 19th Mar 2018