What:                    5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference

When:                  15–18 March 2021

Where:                 Combination of virtual and state-based face-to-face sessions

Water Sensitive Practice. Every city. Every day

That’s the theme of our 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference. It embodies the potential of water sensitive cities—one day, no matter which city we visit, we’ll see these practices in daily use and in projects large and small.

We know we’re not there yet. But after nine years of research and collaboration we have filled many of the big knowledge gaps that previously stood in our way. We have converted this new knowledge into tools and guidelines, and we are now deploying them on the ground nationally and internationally.

Our 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference both celebrates how far our cities have come and explores the next steps. Collectively, our role is to steer these next steps.

The conference will feature:

  • learning from case studies, particularly transferable insights about what worked well and what we’d do differently
  • building networks within and between states, so that these lessons can flow
  • showcasing the most recent WSC tools, and exploring how industry has started using and evolving them
  • exploring how others have scaled up niche programs and research, and what this means for water sensitive cities
  • looking at water sensitive projects on the ground.


The 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference is both an in-person and a virtual event

We recognise a conventional conference model is not appropriate at this time. But, a fully virtual conference model doesn't provide the same opportunities for networking. So the conference will be a mix of in-person activities spread across five hubs in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. These hubs will connect into a national, virtual conference.

For the 5th Water Sensitive Cities conference, we will:

  1. host stateconferences to create networking opportunities
  2. retain a national conference focus—we’ll share between regions and build national networks
  3. embrace the flexibility of a virtual event
  4. offer more interactive content and more networking
  5. deliver learning through case studies and tools application.


Stay tuned for more conference details. We’ll release more information about the program, speakers, venues and registration in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact Jamie Ewert at jamie.ewert@monash.edu.

Last updated: 27th Oct 2020