About this document

This report presents a series of ideas to maximise the value delivered through efficient use of water at the proposed Queens Park Regional Open Space (QPROS) and to make it a WaterWiseDevelopment.

This is a large open space renewal that will accommodate a mix of sporting facilities, natural vegetation areas and passive open space. It will attract users from across Perth and beyond, as well as being a major land use feature of the local community.

The project was initiated by Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC), together with the City of Canning (CoC). These organisations saw an opportunity for QPROS, where possible, to consider objectives of the WA Government’s Waterwise Perth Action Plan.

The project also recognises the importance of water in creating quality public infrastructure. The QPROS is located in Canning and will be used by local residents, visiting community sports clubs and elite sports teams alike. To meet their needs, the facility must provide a variety of high quality environments and water security will be paramount to ensure this outcome.

A key activity in the project was a stakeholder design workshop, held at CoC’sFunction Centre on 21 February 2020.

At this workshop, participants from Football West, DLGSC, City of Canning, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Department of Biodiversity and Conservation and Attractions and Water Corporation helped to identify the water issues for the QPROS and to shape ideas in response.

The ideas themselves can influence the next stages of planning for QPROS. At the time of the workshop, planning, sustainability, traffic and architecture consultants had just been appointed. A key task across this mix of consultants is the creation of the Development Project Brief. The ideas presented in this report provide:
- Innovations that can be further explored and developed by the individual consultant teams

- An integrating narrative to embed the Waterwise objectives in the next iteration of the master plan

- Points of discussion for further stakeholder engagement.

The ideas themselves are presented as options for further development. The workshop was focused on creation of ideas, rather than detailed evaluation. The ideas have no formal status and the participation of organisations in the workshop does not imply endorsement of the ideas.

Last updated: 2nd Sep 2020