Climate sensitive urban design involves the creation of thermally comfortable, attractive and sustainable urban environments by enhancing positive natural and man-made features through architecture, planning and landscape design. This report focusses on the ‘thermal comfort’ component of urban design, and the role of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) in achieving climate sensitive streets, neighbourhoods and cities. Using a mix of observational, remote sensing and climate modelling approaches, research is beginning to reveal the potential benefits of WSUD and urban greening, and provide guidance on their implementation.



Coutts, A., Loughnan, M., Tapper, N., White, E., Thom, J., Broadbent, A., Harris, R. (2014). The impacts of WSUD solutions on human thermal comfort. Green Cities and Micro-climate - B3.1 -2-2014. Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Monash University, December 2014.