This workshop was held at the Bendigo Library in Bendigo. There were 26 community participants and 4 facilitators from the CRCWSC. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to presenting and exploring the water story and vision that had been prepared following the previous community and industry workshops. An overview of the water story was presented along with the negative future drawn from previous workshops followed by a brief group discussion. Bendigo’s WSC vision was then presented as 7 elements, followed by small group and whole group discussion to refine and validate the ideas presented. There was also discussion of an overarching vision statement as a whole group.

The next part of the workshop focused on how to turn the vision into a reality, be exploring tangible solutions that could be implemented in Bendigo. To introduce this topic, participants received a stimulus presentation of examples of innovative and inspiring biophysical and sociocultural solutions that have been implemented elsewhere. Participants were encouraged to ‘think big’.

During the activity, participants were asked to brainstorm solutions individually, then share and expand their ideas through small group discussion. Similar ideas were grouped together. Participants were prompted to consider different scales of change – system-wide, street or neighbourhood, and household – and different precincts of Bendigo. Participants were prompted to consider urban design ideas, infrastructure solutions and community initiatives. Participants could then make use of mixed media (text, drawing, collage) to develop the detail of their ideas and solutions that would translate the vision themes into reality.

IRP1 Workshop 2 (Community) in Bendigo: Validating water story and vision, and exploring ideas and solutions

Date:  7 February 2018

Time: 17:00 – 20:30

Location: Bendigo Library, Bendigo

If you would like any further information please see the agenda or contact Emma Church on or 0423 315 173

Last updated: 8th Mar 2018