A large proportion of the participants that had attended the first workshop returned for this workshop held on 15 February 2018 in Bendigo. There were 27 industry participants and 4 facilitators from the CRCWSC. The morning session was about presenting and refining the water story and vision. Bendigo’s water story was presented followed by a high-level summary of the dystopian future vision. Time was allocated for whole-group discussion and reflection. Each of the 7 original elements of the vision was presented as well as the overarching statement, in conjunction with some of the feedback received at the previous community workshop. The participants were asked whether the presented work captured their vision, whether it resonated for Bendigo as a place, and if there was anything missing.

The next activity focused on refining and adding detail to the vision elements in small groups. Tables were asked to consider different vision elements to ensure a broad spread of discussion, and asked specifically whether the statements were aspirational and inspiring, relevant enough for Bendigo and whether there was any repetition or overlooking of ideas.

The afternoon session was largely dedicated to exploring the barriers and opportunities for Bendigo’s WSC transition. Participants were also asked to spend some time exploring tangible ideas and solutions that could translate the vision into reality. Some of the community’s ideas were presented as examples.

IRP1 Workshop 3 (Industry) in Bendigo – Validating water story and vision, exploring priority ideas for Bendigo and enabling conditions

Date:  15 February 2018

Time: 8:30 - 16:30

Location: Capital Theatre, Bendigo

If you would like any further information please see the agenda or contact Emma Church on emma.church@monash.edu or 0423 315 173

Last updated: 8th Mar 2018