This workshop was held in Bendigo on 18 April 2018, there were 25 participants, 5 CRCWSC facilitators and 2 observers in attendance. This final workshop focused on advancing Bendigo's WSC vision and transition strategy towards implementation. Participants reviewed, refined and prioritised transition actions based on impact and feasibility.

Participants then considered how best to wrap up this CRCWSC-led phase of activity to ensure continuing momentum regarding strategic engagement and dissemination of outputs. Participants also agreed on ways for stakeholders to organise collectively for transition strategy implementation following the end of the CRCWSC-led phase of the project.

IRP1 Workshop  5 (Industry) – Towards implementation 

Date:  Wednesday 18 April 2018

Location: Capital Theatre, Bendigo

If you would like any further information please see the agenda or contact Emma Church on or 0423 315 173

Last updated: 19th Apr 2018