Hi, I am Md Moklesur Rahman

I have a MSc Environmental Science and Engineering. Before starting my PhD studies, I worked as a research assistant in the Environmental Geochemistry Lab of the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea), and the Korea Polar Research Institute (South Korea).

Moklesur Rahman

About my PhD work

PhD topic: Nitrogen cycling and controlling factors in constructed freshwater urban wetlands

University: Monash University

CRCWSC project in which you were involved: Protection and restoration of urban freshwater ecosystems: informing management and planning (Project B2.23)

From my research, I learned:

  • Nitrate reduction in constructed wetlands may include a significant recycling of nitrogen through Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium (DNRA).
  • Drying and rewetting of sediments reduces both the removal (by denitrification) and recycling (via DNRA) of nitrogen.
  • Increasing temperature enhances both removal and recycling processes, but has a greater effect on recycling of nitrogen via DNRA.

I would like to see my research used for wetland management, policy making and society more generally. And I’d like to extend this research into performing full nitrogen mass balance in wetland ecosystems.

About my current work

At the moment, I’m researching the biogeochemistry of nitrogen in constructed urban wetlands. In future, I would like to pursue work in water treatment (both wastewater and drinking water) and resource recovery.

How you can contact me

Email:  moklesur_r@yahoo.com

LinkedIn: Moklesur Rahman

The CRCWSC wishes Moklesur all the best with his future research and career (and his cricket too!).

Last updated: 5th Feb 2018