The RISE (Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments) project is taking a different approach to delivering water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services to some of the world’s poorest and disadvantaged communities.

As Professor Stephen Luby (RISE Human Health Leader) explains, previous WASH responses shifted responsibility for cleaning up water to households.

“We’re asking the poorest people in the work with the least resources to set up their own water treatment and to manage their own waste. This is a recipe for failure”, he said.

Instead, the water sensitive cities approach works with communities to co-design decentralised, nature-based solutions that provide a more reliable water supply, safer sanitation, and flood management and protection.

And now you can see these nature-based solutions in action in a new video about the RISE project.

  • You’ll hear from experts who explain how the infrastructure works.
  • Members of the RISE team explain the co-design process.
  • And community members share how the new solutions have improved their lives.

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities is enormously proud and privileged to be involved in the RISE project.

Last updated: 24th Feb 2021