Many metro and regional councils in New South Wales are in the process of integrating water sensitive design into their Local Strategic Planning Statements as a way to strategically manage water in all its forms.

To support these councils in their efforts, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities hosted a series of webinars from November 2020 until March 2021. You can find recordings of these webinars on this page.

NSW RAP webinar series, 2020/21

Webinar 1 - Planning for a WSC

Webinar 2 - WSC Index and TDF (Part 1)

Webinar 3 - WSC Index and TDF (Part 2)

Webinar 4 – Passively Irrigated Landscapes

Webinar 5 - INFFEWS Tool

Webinar 6 - Scenario Tool and case studies

Webinar 7 - WSUD guidelines and maintenance

Webinar 8 - Climate Change, Scenario Tool and MUSIC

Webinar 9 - RESTORE Tool

Last updated: 3rd Sep 2021