For full recovery of all resources from domestic wastewater, it is essential to limit destructive processes. There is a strong interest in novel, and more sustainable solutions that allow for resource recovery (e.g. energy, N, P) from domestic wastewater while ensuring a high-quality effluent that can be discharged to receiving surface waters.

The application of purple phototrophic bacteria for wastewater treatment is an entirely new approach for mainline domestic as well as for industrial wastewater treatment. Instead of reducing the biomass/sludge of the wastewater treatment process, this approach aims to produce biomass as carrier for COD, N and P. The feasibility of this platform depends on the utilisation of this biomass. There is different value related to different utilisation options. The assimilated resources have to be recovered either as energy, heat and fertiliser or applied on fields and for livestock. In any case a product has to balance the operational costs of the resource partitioning.



Last updated: 28th Sep 2017