Our award winners: Sayed Iftekhar, Maksym Polyakov and David Pannell. They are pictured here with Professor John Rolfe, AARES President (far left) and Dr Suzi Kerr, Past AARES President (far right).

Our IRP2 (Comprehensive Economic Evaluation Framework) project team presented their water economics research at the 2019 Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) Conference in Melbourne earlier this year, and took out three prestigious awards:

  • 2019 Quality of Research Communication Award for ‘Use of economic analysis in water management in Western Australia’ by Sayed Iftekhar, Maksym Polyakov, James Fogarty and David Pannell.
  • 2019 Conference Best Poster Award (Committee Choice) for ‘Value of recycled water for non-residential use from the Subiaco Wastewater Treatment Plant’ by Louise Blackmore, Sayed Iftekhar and James Fogarty.
  • 2019 Conference Best Poster Award (Audience Choice): ‘What Do I Smell? It's Only the River (the cost of algal blooms in Swan-Canning estuary)’ by Maksym Polyakov, Sayed Iftekhar, James Fogarty, Asha Gunawardena and David J. Pannell.
Maksym Polyakov and Louise Blackmore are pictured with their award winning posters.

Some IRP2 team members also took to the stage to present during the week-long conference:

  • Sayed Iftekhar, Fan Zhang, Michael Burton and James Fogarty presented on ‘Understanding social preferences for constructed wetlands: a comparison of Australia and China’.
  • The same team, with the addition of Maksym Polyakov and Michael Burton, spoke about ‘Non-market values of water sensitive urban design: a case study on rain gardens’.
  • Sayed Iftekhar and James Fogarty presented ‘Improving performance of groundwater allocation trading in Western Australia: a simulation study’.

Congratulations to our hardworking and talented team! Learn more about IRP2.

Last updated: 14th Jun 2019