There is a growing international interest by governments,  organisations, and communities in the liveability,  sustainability, productivity, and resilience of cities.

While  there is typically broad agreement about such aspirations, decision-makers face the challenge of  determining how to most effectively shape and service  our cities.

Integrated Research Project 1 (IRP1) aims to deliver a suite of participatory methods and associated tools for developing strategic  guidance for cities and towns wanting to accelerate their  transition towards an envisioned water sensitive future.

In multiple case studies across Australia, workshop series are designed  to facilitate open and in-depth discussion amongst  key local stakeholders.

For each case study, the workshops will inform the development of a transition strategy that will benchmark the city’s current water sensitive status, capture a broad vision for a water sensitive future, and analyse the conditions needed to accelerate transitioning to the envisioned future state.  The transition strategies also incorporate data from existing regional initiatives, local  stakeholder knowledge, and insights from the application of research tools.