On behalf of the CRCWSC and the entire water industry, I congratulate Professor Zhiguo Yuan on being awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in the 2019 Australia Day Honours list. This award recognises his significant service to science through urban water management and to higher education.

Professor Zhiguo Yuan

We are so fortunate to have Zhiguo as an integral and invaluable part of the CRCWSC community.

Serving with us from 2012 to 2016 as a member of our Executive Team, Zhiguo’s tenure with the CRCWSC was highly productive and distinguished. He performed the roles of Chief Research Officer and Program C Leader, responsible for coordinating the research efforts of the entire CRC Research Program (Programs A to D) during Tranche 1. He remains a close associate of our organisation in his capacity as Director of the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland.

Zhiguo’s list of awards and appointments is long and impressive. During his time as Program C Leader, he was awarded the Clunies Ross Medal by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and was subsequently elected as Fellow of that academy. And in 2018, he was appointed Distinguished Fellow with the International Water Association, strengthening the bridge between academia and industry.

Other notable awards and appointments include:

  • Recipient, Laureate Fellowship, Australian Research Council, 2017
  • Recipient, National Research Innovation Award, Australian Water Association, 2017
  • Appointed Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, 2015
  • Recipient, Global Project Innovation Award, International Water Association, 2014
  • Recipient, Graduate School Supervision Award, University of Queensland, 2010
  • Appointed Fellow, International Water Association, 2010
  • Recipient, Excellence Award in Research, Development and Innovation, Engineers Australia, 2008.

I believe Zhiguo is one of those rare individuals who can take on the most difficult questions, analyse the approaches that will have real impact and bring together the most effective coalition available to deliver results. His work in this area has been exemplary.

Zhiguo’s commitment to his work is borne out of a deep passion for directing his exceptional intellect and talent for good. Recognising and advancing how he can best contribute to society has been the one constant in his many career decisions. In all cases, pursuing an altruistic, public good outcome has been his priority. He has chosen to focus his life work on public sector research, collaboration with industry and training of future industry leaders, ahead of his personal commercial interest.

I find Zhiguo to be one of the most considerate and respectful people I have had the pleasure to work with. On the many occasions when we debated ideas and hypotheses in closed and open forums, made hard decisions on research funding priorities, and managed difficult interpersonal issues while fostering strong interdisciplinary collaboration in a complex multidisciplinary team, Zhiguo always conducted himself with the utmost grace, professionalism and fairness.

The CRCWSC owes as much to Zhiguo’s inspiring personality, as to his research excellence, for the success and international reputation we enjoy today. Zhiguo is indeed a unique, impressive human being and his AM is greatly deserved.

Our heartfelt congratulations, Zhiguo. 

Tony Wong, CEO, CRCWSC

You can see Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM speak at our 4th Water Sensitive Cities Conference in Brisbane from 26-28 March. Professor Yuan will be speaking during Session 2B (Valuing a water sensitive city) on the topic of 'Technologies to face water challenges of the future'.

Last updated: 19th Feb 2019