Are you interested in developing a broad understanding of how to use the CRCWSC’s INFFEWS Value Tool and how to adjust available information (values) to a particular context?

Come to one of our FREE training workshops to learn:

  • the importance of including non market values in benefit costs analysis and business cases development
  • how to navigate the tool and obtain relevant values for the project you want to evaluate
  • the various benefit transfer methods, and how to select suitable studies
  • how to conduct benefit transfer using a water-related project as an example.

WHAT: National Training Sessions – INFFEWS Value Tool
WHEN: 9 am – 3 pm, various dates during September and October 2019
WHERE: Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Townsville and Brisbane

Why do you need this training?

Developing business cases for investment in water sensitive systems and practices could be strengthened by including intangible benefits that do not have a clear market price, such as environmental benefits. But obtaining dollar estimates of these benefits is complex. The INFFEWS Value Tool has approximately 1000 non market and market values related to benefits of urban water and environmental management investments. Come along to the training to get a deeper insight into the potential uses of this tool.

Who can attend?

We’re offering this training to water sector professionals who are involved in economics, project evaluation, or business case development for a water sensitive or environmental management related project. Attendees should belong to a CRCWSC Participant organisation.

The training is free, but limited. Attendees must fund their own travel arrangements, and bring their own laptop computer to the training workshop.

We will send more information to registered attendees a week before the training. Please email any questions about the workshop or registration process to Tammie Harold at

Registration for training in Sydney, Townsville and Brisbane will open soon. Keep an eye on our social media and waterSENSE for details.

Last updated: 7th Sep 2019